The Reverence of St. Peter by Ian Hex cbna

Still Writing

Yes, things are still moving (slowly) along

It’s been a busy month (+ ½) for me personally. Things have finally settled down so I can get back to writing articles and working on the site.

Wavelets Coming

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m currently working through a re-write of the various tutorials I had done about using Wavelet Decompose for skin retouching. I’m about 23 of the way through it now and expect to have it finished shortly.

Guest Writer Ian Hex

I also previously mentioned that I’ve been reaching out to a few folks to see if they might be interested in writing some articles for the site. I’m extremely pleased to say that Ian Hex is stepping up to the plate with a neat tutorial about darktable that is being written right at this very moment!

If you haven’t had a chance to see Ian’s work I highly recommend stopping by his site at http://lightsweep.co.uk/ to get a gander at some epic images from the UK. I desperately want to hop on a plane and visit after seeing them!

His self-professed mission is:

..to show off the beauty of British landscapes and architecture to the world

and I’d say he’s doing a bang-up job of it so far!

Fire of Whitby Abbey by Ian Hex (cbna)

Wonder of Variety by Ian Hex (cbna)

Ian will be writing about Luminosity Masks in darktable. Given his results and body of work I am personally looking forward to this one!

Maybe if we get a good enough response with his post we can convince him to come back and write some more…

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