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Minor changes and another tutorial

I’m working my way through some of the suggestions I’ve received from many folks. In particular, the “px” icon in the upper left to slide open the navigation and Table of Contents has been changed to a (hopefully) more familiar ‘hamburger’ icon. I’ll also be testing some other things in the coming weeks as time permits such as having a TOC show up by default in the right ⅓ of the page at the top.

Don’t expect it too soon as I want to focus on writing more content first. I’m aiming for a December-ish timeframe for a more official launch and want to make sure there is a decent amount of material for folks to consume.

The Next Tutorial

Speaking of material, I’m starting work on a tutorial for skin retouching with wavelet decompose. I’ve written about this many times before, but want to port the ideas over here.

Dot Eyes Closed Wavelets
“Dot Eyes Closed” wavelet decomposition

I have a few extra thoughts surrounding the use of wavelets as well as some minor changes in my workflow with them that should make a new writeup more interesting (hopefully). I’ll also focus specifically on skin retouching as opposed to some of the other things that can be done with wavelets.

More Support

I have reached out to some of my favorite amazing photographers using F/OSS in their workflows and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ll speak more about the folks in a later post, but I am personally very thankful that they have taken the time to respond and that it’s been so positive!

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