Help Us Keep Developing

The best way to support the PIXLS.US community is by being an active part of it. Engaging, sharing, and helping others.

However, sometimes folks want to help a little more, and that’s what this page is for. We’ve said from the very beginning that the site will not run ads. Instead we have set up some options for directly supporting the community.

Before you hit any buttons just remember that you really don’t need to, but the community will love you if you do!

Contributions will be used to:

  • cover infrastructure (first priority)
  • offset costs for projects to travel and collaborate
  • buy shared hardware and equipment to support
  • raise awareness of Free Software photography
  • …and more!

Support $1 per month

This is a great first funding level that really helps the community.

Support $3 per month

This is 3X more awesome than the previous funding level. That means you’re super awesome (awesome × 3)!

Support $5 per month

This seems a bit much. Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer one of the other ones above?

Support $10 per month

I’m not even going to try to talk you out of this one. You’re obviously determined to help, and for that we cannot thank you enough!

One-Time Support

This is for those opportunities where you might have a little something that you’re willing to support us with and don’t want to fool with recurring subscriptions. Thank you so much for helping us out!

Amazon affiliate link

If you were going to purchase something from Amazon, you can help us by using our Amazon affiliate link.
It doesn’t cost you anything, and we get a portion of the sale.