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G'MIC Finally Accepts Donations

Help support an awesome team!

For years the incredible team over at G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing) have been producing an incredible image processing system and many awesome filters to go along with it. They’ve got an very active and awesome community right here on their forums and they’ve been producing all manner of neat processing filters for photographers, digital artists, and scientists.

Due to the project being under the auspices of a French Research Lab, the GREYC laboratory in Caen, France, they were limited in being able to accept any donations.

Until now!

To avoid burying the lede, go and make a donation to the fabulous folks of the G’MIC project: https://libreart.info/en/projects/gmic.

I first heard about GREYCstoration (proto-G’MIC) a long time ago (over 10 years) as the only really viable Free Software image denoising option for photographers. It allowed me to de-noise images on par (or better in many cases) with the then popular Noise Ninja. It’s been an essential part of my toolkit ever since!

Back then David Tschumperlé was really only looking for postcards from users as a “thank you” and maybe some occasional donations to pay for hot chocolates during the day. I finally got to buy him a milkshake while at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany and for the value he has provided me with his software I owe him many, many more!

The man, the myth, the legend.

Value is exactly what I want to bring up in this post. I’m sure many here have had an opportunity to use G’MIC in some form and any attempt at listing the wide range of filters and capabilities it provides would not do it justice. If you’ve realized some value from the project, now is the time to show some love.

I’ve been lucky to call David a friend for a long time now and I can personally attest to his kindness and sincerity. With that in mind I implore you: if you have a few spare dollars, euros, yen, pesos, or gold bullion please consider donating to the project and make sure the milkshakes (or hot chocolates) never stop flowing. David (and Sébastien Fourey!) are a sound investment in providing high value to Free Software artists and photographers!

Donate to the G’MIC project!

(David is too modest to really come out and ask for support but “modest” isn’t really in my vocabulary - so go donate!)


For a long time David was unable to accept donations from community members. There were some concerns from the research institution his lab is a part of in France. Just recently, though, they managed to reach an agreement where the funds flow through a French non-profit called Libre Comme L’Art, LILA, that includes the fabulous Jehan Pagès of the GIMP team as a member and where the ZeMarmot animated film is being produced.

A big “Thank You!” to Jehan and LILA for making this possible!

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