GIMP is Going to LGM!

Tall and tan and young and lovely...

This years Libre Graphics Meeting (2017) is going to be held in the lovely city seen above, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! This is an important meeting for so many people in the Free/Libre art community as it’s one of the only times they have an opportunity to meet face to face.

We’ve had some folks attending the past LGM’s (Leipzig and London) and it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with friends. (Also, @frd from the community will be there!)

GIMP and darktable at LGM
GIMPers, some darktable folks, and even Nate Willis at the flat during LGM/London!

So in the spirit of camaraderie, I have a request…

The GIMP team will be in attendance this year. I happen to have a fondness for them so I’m asking anyone reading this to please head over and donate to the project.

GIMP Wilber

That link is for the GNOME PayPal account, but there are other ways to donate as well.

This is one of the few times that the GIMP team gets a chance to meet in person. They use the time to hack at GIMP and to manage internal business. The time they get to spend together is invaluable to the project and by extension everyone that uses GIMP.

Just look at these faces! Surely this (Brady) Bunch of folks is worth helping to get a better GIMP?

GIMPers at LGM/London
Left to right, top to bottom:
Ville, Mitch, Øyvind,
Simon, Liam, João,
Aryeom, Jehan, Michael


Besides @frd I’m not sure who else from the community might be attending, so if I’ve missed you I apologize! Please feel free to use this topic to communicate and coordinate if you’d like.

It appears that personally I’m on a biennial schedule with attending LGM - so I’m looking forward to next year to be able to catch up with everyone!

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