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An interview! LGM update! And Github?

Mike Howard, the host and creator of the jpeg2RAW podcast reached out to me last week to see if I might be able to come on the show to talk about Free Software Photography and what we’ve been up to here. One of the primary reasons for creating this site was to be able to raise awareness of the Free Software community to a wider audience.

So this is a great opportunity for us to expose ourselves!

Exposing Ourselves

The podcast airs live this Tuesday, February 23rd at 8PM Eastern (-0500). You can join us at the jpeg2RAW live podcast page! Mike has the live feed available to watch on that page and also has a chat server set up so viewers can interact with us live during the broadcast.

If you are free on Tuesday night then come on by and join us! I’ll be happy to field any questions you want answered (and that Mike asks) and will do my best to not embarrass myself (or our community). If you would like to make sure I address something in particular (or just don’t forget something), I also have a thread on discuss where you can make sure I know it.

I’m also looking for community members to submit some photos to help highlight our work and what’s possible with Free Software. Feel free to link them in the same thread as above. I’ve already convinced andabata to point us to some of his great macro shots (like that awesome lede image) and I’ll be submitting a few of my own images as well. If you have some works that you’d like to share please let me know!

In Case You Miss It

Mike has all of his prior podcasts archived on his Podcasts page. So if you miss the live show it looks like you’ll be able to catch up later at your convenience.

LGM Update

As mentioned previously we are heading to London for Libre Graphics Meeting 2016! We’ve got a flat rented for a great crew to be able to stay together and we’re on track for a PIXLS meet up before LGM!

Speaking of people, I’m looking forward to being able to spend some time with some great folks again this year! We’ve got Tobias, Johannes, and Pascal making it out (I’m not sure that Simon, top below, will be making it out) from darktable, DrSlony and qogniw from RawTherapee, Andrea Ferrero creator of PhotoFlow, even Ofnuts (how cool is that?) may make it out!

Darktable II
Pascal, Johannes, and Tobias (left to right, bottom row) will be there!

We’ve also already had a great response so far on our Pledgie campaign. The campaign is still running if you want to help out!

Click here to lend your support to: PIXLS.US at Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 and make a donation at pledgie.com !

If anyone is thinking they’d like to make it out to join us, please let me know as soon as possible so we can plan for space!

Mairi (Further)
Looks like Mairi will be joining us!

My friend and model Mairi will also be making it out for the meeting. She’ll be on hand to help us practice lighting setups, model interactions, and will likely be shooting right along with the rest of us as well!

I’ll also be assembling slides for my presentation during LGM. I’ve got a 20 minute time slot to talk about the community we’ve been building here and the neat things our members have been up to (Filmulator, PhotoFlow, and more).

Speaking of slides and sharing information…

Github Organization

I’ve setup a Github Pixls organization so that we can begin to share various things. This came about after talking with @paperdigits on the post about the upcoming podcast at jpeg2RAW. We were talking about ways to share information and assets for creating/delivering presentations about Free Software photography.

At the moment there is only the single repository Presentations as we are figuring out structure. I’ve uploaded my slides and notes from the LGM2015 State of the Libre Graphics presentation announcing PIXLS. If you’re on Github and want to join us just let me know!

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