PhotoFlow Blended Panorama Tutorial

Andrea Ferrero has been busy!

After quite a bit of back and forth I am quite happy to be able to announce that the latest tutorial is up: A Blended Panorama with PhotoFlow! This contribution comes from Andrea Ferrero, the creator of a new project: PhotoFlow.

In it, he walks through a process of stitching a panorama together using Hugin and blending multiple exposure options through masking in PhotoFlow (see lede image). The results are quite nice and natural looking!

Local Contrast Enhancement: Gaussian vs. Bilateral

Andrea also runs through a quick video comparison of doing LCE using both a Gaussian and Bilateral blur, in case you ever wanted to see them compared side-by-side:

He started a topic post about it in the forums as well.

Thoughts on the Main Page

Over on discuss I started a thread to talk about some possible changes to the main page of the site.

Specifically I’m talking about the background lede image at the very top of the main page:

I had originally created that image as a placeholder in Blender. The site is intended as a photography-centric site, so the natural thought was why not use photos as a background instead?

The thought is to rotate through images as provided by the community. I’ve also mocked up two version of using an image as a background.

Simple replacement of the image with photos from the community. This is the most popular in the poll on the forum at the moment. The image will be rotated amongst images provided by community members. I just need to make sure that the text shown is legible over whatever the image may be…

Full viewport splash version, where the image fills the viewport. This is not very popular from the feedback I received (thank you akk, ankh, muks, DrSlony, LebedevRI, and others on irc!). I personally like the idea but I can understand why others may not like it.

If anyone wants to chime in (or vote in the poll) then head over to the forum topic and let us know your thoughts!

Also, a big thank you to Morgan Hardwood for allowing us to use that image as a background example. If you want a nice way to support F/OSS development, it just so happens that Morgan is a developer for RawTherapee, and a print of that image is available for purchase. Contact him for details.

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